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Why You Should Check the CRN When Registering


Why You Should Check the CRN When Registering

The CRN is a 5-digit number located to the right of the registration checkbox. CRN stands for “Course Reference Number.”


Reason 1: It will show prerequisites or other requirements.

  • After clicking on the CRN, the first page will show additional course or section information, such as if a section is online, hybrid (partly online), needs a lab, is writing intensive, etc.

For example, a specific section of MKT 3343 can be hybrid - meaning there is some online component. Clicking on the CRN shows the requirement: “Meets once a week; HYBRID COURSE ($150 ELECTRONIC FEE).”

  • Click on the CRN’s title link to find out course prerequisites or restrictions. The title link is in this format “TITLE – CRN – SUBJECT & COURSE – SECTION” and will be toward the top of the first page.

For example, clicking on “PRIN OF MARKETING – 15077 – MKT 3343 – 001” shows that MKT 3343 needs sophomore standing and at least a 2.00 Overall GPA


Reason 2: If you get a registration error, clicking on the CRN will usually explain why

  • Clicking on the CRN for certain sections of PHIL 1320 show those sections are reserved for majors in Art, Theater, Dance, and Music. You would get the registration error “major or minor restriction” if your major was not in that category.
  • Clicking on large capacity sections of PHIL 1320 show that large capacity PHIL 1320 courses require registering for a lab (for example, L01-L12) which are located at the bottom of the same screen. If you tried registering for the course without the required lab you would get the registration error “linked course required (laboratory).”